Outplacement Services

Inspire Careers provides corporate-sponsored outplacement and career transition services to executives and career-minded professionals. We offer customized individual programs that provide one-on-one consultation on development of a branded resume, cover letter and/or biography, social media communication strategies, job search strategy planning, and interview preparation, along with weekly career & job search coaching sessions. Each candidate prioritizes the professional services to be provided based upon his/her needs.  

Sponsoring firms may present the program to an individual employee, offering a pre-determined number of units (hours) of service. The individual may then select the program services he or she desires at the initial consultation meeting with us.

Individual clients may select from the program services shown below to construct a career transition program that best meets his or her needs. Please note that one unit equals one hour of service.

 Service Provided
Description of Service

Introductory Consulting Session
(1 Unit)

Initial one-on-one interactive meeting that will include discussion of situational, emotional, family, and financial aspects of the transition, and an introduction to the job transition and job search process.    

Resume Development
(3 Units)

Individual consultation in the following:

  • Development of a visual, or presentation resume targeted to the field of interest
  • Creation of a professional reference list and matching letterhead
  • stationery in the same style as the resume
  • Conversion of the resume to "e-mailable," "scannable," and "text-only" formats - for Internet-based job search and electronic scanning purposes
    Saving all resume documents for individual use on a PC-formatted disk in Microsoft Word.
  • Laser printing of up to 25 copies of the visual resume, reference list, and letterhead stationery, and matching envelopes on high quality business paper, plus a camera-ready master on high-gloss paper for photo offset printing
  • Follow-up communication by telephone or e-mail to complete the resume and other documents
Cover Letter Development

(1 Unit)

Development of a cover letter targeted to a specific industry and/or employer, and highlighting key competencies and qualifications  

Career Assessment/Profiling
(4 Units)

Individual consultation in the completion of a four-step career assessment and profiling process involving:

  • Assessment of career values, interests, motivated skills, and personal style
  • Exploration of career options
  • Focus on a defined career goal
  • Development of a plan to reach that goal
Job Search Strategy Planning
(2 Units)

Individual Instruction and guidance in the:

  • Development of clearly defined job, industry, and geographic targets
  • Identification and exploration of effective job search strategies (including in-depth discussion of networking  techniques and recruiting)
  • Exploration of Internet resources for resume posting and distribution, job listings, and employer/industry research

Interview Preparation
(2 Units)

Instruction and preparation for the interviewing process, including practice "mock" interviewing (using targeted industry/employer and position) and critique
Office Facilities Usage

(4 Units)

Private office at Inspire Career two days/week for an eight-week period, including the use of computer, printer, Internet service, telephone, fax, and postage
Administrative Support
(2 Units)
Preparation and mailing of up to 20 letters per week for an eight-week period

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