Resume Posting and Distribution Sites

Resume Posting Sites:

Resume posting is the process by which you make your resume available, electronically, to employers and recruiters by submitting your resume to specific career websites. Posting your resume on the web can lead to opportunities that may not be advertised through traditional means. Many resume posting sites offer anonymous, or confidential, posting.

To make your current resume "ready" for posting, the best method is to open your resume using your current word processing program, and then save the file as a text-only (*.txt) or ASCII (DOS) generic word processor (*.txt) file. In most word processing applications, you may simply click on FILE, then SAVE AS (rather than SAVE), and the options will be presented to you. Once you have clicked on SAVE AS, you may have to look for the *.txt option under "file type."

Generally, there are four ways to post your resume on the web.

  • Some resume posting sites offer an option to simply copy and paste your text-only resume directly into a data collection box on the site.
  • Other sites offer the capability to upload an existing resume in a specified (*.doc) format. Simply browse to find the file on your hard drive or floppy disk, select the file, and then submit.
  • Still others may have a "resume builder" program in which you manually enter specific information from your current resume. Often, the descriptive information on your current resume, such as the objective, summary of qualifications, and responsibilities and accomplishments for each position, can be copied and pasted into the resume builder. It is a good idea to first save your resume as a text-only file, close it, and then re-open the file before copying and pasting the information to the website.
  • Finally, a few sites offer creation of a "web resume," your own resume website, or a "web portfolio," containing more than just the resume, by converting the resume and other pertinent information to HTML format.

Inspire Careers offers resume posting and web resume services through our affiliate relationships with the top resume posting and web resume services on the web:

Resume Rabbit
A resume posting service that will submit your resume to over 75 general career websites and three specialty sites including IT, Accounting, Sales/Marketing.

A web resume and portfolio development site that will convert your resume to HTML format (with your choice of nine colorful layout designs), create a web address for your resume, and provide six months of web hosting.

Resume Distribution Sites:
Resume distribution is the process by which your resume is sent via e-mail to selected employers, recruiters and/or venture capital firms, usually based on your geographic, industry, and functional criteria.

Inspire Careers has developed an affiliate relationship with two of the top resume distribution sites on the web:

Your Missing Link
A deluxe resume distribution service in which your resume and targeted cover letter are distributed to an unlimited number of recruiters, growth companies, and venture capital firms, based on your selection of unlimited industry specialties, position specialties, geographic targets, and salary requirements.