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The Internet is an invaluable resource and an essential tool for job hunters today. Whether you are still working, or currently unemployed, there are numerous resources available to you that will help you to launch your search on the Internet.

The Internet can help you to:

  • Identify job search and career planning services that are available to you on-line
  • Identify job vacancies through regional, national, and international job vacancy databases
  • Make your resume available to employers and recruiters, domestically, and internationally, using a variety of resume posting and distribution services
  • Research prospective employers and industries through company information databases, "search engines," and employer home pages.

The Internet is constantly changing, as service providers find new ways to present information electronically. As you "surf" the Web, you may come across other resources that are helpful, or you may learn that some of the sites listed below are no longer in business. We would appreciate any new information that you acquire, so that we may keep our listings up-to-date. Simply send your comments or suggestions to

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