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Many of the executive job search sites on the Internet offer resume posting, resume distribution, and other web activation services. Inspire Careers takes the confusion out of the process by offering all of these services to our clients.  .

Resume Posting

Resume posting is the process by which you make your resume available, electronically, to employers and recruiters, by submitting your resume to their websites. Posting your resume on the web can lead to opportunities that may not be advertised through traditional means.

For executives, Inspire Careers recommends and offers resume posting services on the top executive job search websites:RiteSite, BlueSteps, and ExecuNet.


Web site: RiteSite

 RiteSite was developed by John Lucht, one of America's top executive recruiters, and author of Rites of Passage at $100,000 to $1 Million, the #1 best selling executive career guide.

RiteSite offers a Custom Career Service program to executives, featuring:

  • Downloads of Contact Data for the Top Retained Search Firms in North America, including firm name, specialty, principal names, addresses and telephone numbers at each office location; website and e-mail addresses; and the firms' preferred method of contact.
  • Resume Posting of your "identity-revealed" resume, accessible only by "Rites-Honored" recruiters - and posting of your "identity-concealed" resume, accessible by any visitor to the site. 
  • An Online Recruiter Email Campaign that targets the top retainer recruiters in North America. 
  • An Executive-level Jobs Database that includes searches by prestigious firms honored on RiteSite. Many of these positions never appear anywhere else except on the individual sites.
  • Opportunity alerts (or email alerts) that notify you when target jobs in specific functions, industries, and geographical locations appear on RiteSite.
  • Weekly E-Mail Memos from John Lucht, available only to RiteSite members, aimed at putting RiteSite members ahead of all others in today's difficult executive job market.
  • Affordable Membership - the cost of the a lifetime membership with RiteSite is only $94 per year.

Through our affiliate relationship with RiteSite, we offer John Lucht approved resumes and cover letters, which are illustrated on our sample resumes page, in addition to our standard resume writing services.  We also offer a referral code to our clients that reduces the cost of membership by $20.


Web site: ExecuNet

ExecuNet is the Internet's most comprehensive resource for effective career management, exclusively for executives and senior-level managers with salaries above $100,000. ExecuNet offers:

  • Job Postings: Executive jobs posted daily with detailed job descriptions, salary information, and direct connections to leading search firms and companies. An exclusive job agent assures you stay on the inside track.
  • Knowledge: ExecuNet members are provided three unique proprietary newsletters, an online knowledge base, and opportunities to share experiences with other network members.
  • Networking Meetings - Monthly networking meetings are hosted in major cities across the United States and in Canada. To view all live networking events, click here
  • Affordable Membership - The cost of ExecuNet membership is $39 for a month-to-month membership, $99 for three months, and $399 for one year. 


Web site: BlueSteps

BlueSteps is a trusted and confidential career management service for global executives to manage their careers for life-long success.  Executive career services are provided by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC). Membership in BlueSteps includes:

  • A Confidential Profile that is only searchable by AESC’s 9,000 executive search consultants for the entirety of your career
  • An Exclusive International Recruiter Directory that allows you to identify and contact a targeted list of AESC member search consultants by industry, functional, geographic location, and other criteria
  • Access to Hundreds of Executive-Level Opportunities for which search firms are actively recruiting
  • A Full Archive of Executive Webinars recorded by senior-level executive search consultants
  • A Career Resources Vault containing white papers and research reports tailored to top executives

Through our long-standing affiliate relationship with BlueSteps, Inspire Careers offers clients a 20% discount on BlueSteps membership via an exclusive promotional code.

Recommended Executive Job Search Sites

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Resume Distribution to Recruiters

We recommend that, in addition to posting your resume on recruiter websites, you should conduct a thorough resume distribution campaign to attract the interest of the top national recruiters through carefully planned email campaigns that reach recruiters who specialize in your particular industry or function. These are the best resources available:

  • RiteSite provides an "E-Mail My Resume" campaign that allows you to deliver your resume and cover letter to top retained recruiters (we advise our clients to select ALL the recruiters on the list). A nine-step system individually delivers your cover letter and resume from YOUR e-mail address, one-by-one, eliminating the need to send bulk e-mails from your e-mail service provider. Be sure to send samples to yourself to make sure your letters and resumes are formatted correctly before hitting the "send" key!  
  • BlueSteps provides an International Search Firm Directory that you can use to gain access to more than 6,000 global retained executive search professionals. From this directory, you can develop a database of AESC member firms in your targeted industry, functional specialty, geographic location, or other criteria – including the individual recruiters’ direct email addresses at their firms!  
  • Bob Bronstein, a very trusted affiliate of Inspire Careers, has many years of experience in identifying, preparing, and executing targeted e-mail campaigns to recruiters. He will provide you all available data from the recruiter e-mail campaign including the contact name, address, phone number, fax number, and email address for personal follow-up. Bob can be reached at (800) 776-0927 or by email at He is an excellent resource, and will serve as a valuable partner to you in your search. Please mention that we referred you!

Employer Direct Mail Campaigns

Targeted direct mail is considered the only polite and practical way to reach the decision-makers who might want to hire you. First you will need to develop a list of prospective employers and critical executive-level contacts. We recommend:

  • Hoovers Lead Builder: Begin by selecting the least expensive "Direct Mail Address List," which is option 6 ($0.24 per lead). Then, select the Company criteria you wish to use (e.g., location, size of company, headquarters or single location), and then the Industry criteria, using Hoover's industries, US SIC Codes, or NACIS codes. And then you can further refine your list.  This list provides contact information for the top executive in each company. 
  • American Business Journals Book of Lists.  Many markets across the US have business journals which publish weekly business newspapers, and offer a "Book of Lists” of all the top public and private companies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations in the area. The “Book of Lists” is compiled annually, and contains contact information for the top executives in each organization. It can be purchased in print format, or, better yet, you can order an electronic (Excel-spreadsheet) format, that you can use in a direct postal mailing campaign using a simple mail merge of your cover letter with the database.
  • Solicit the help of a direct mail expert.  For a large-scale mailing (1,000 to 5,000+ pieces), we recommend that you contact Bob Bronstein at (800) 776-0927 or Please mention that we referred you!

We can help you develop and execute a targeted direct marketing campaign to employers, using the best products and services available.