Published on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What Color is Your Parachute, by Dick Bolles

What ColorWhat Color is Your Parachute, by Dick Bolles (published by Ten Speed Press, 2014)

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Richard Bolles’ What Color is Your Parachute, is the first resource career counselors and career coaches turn to when helping individuals with career decisions-making.  Since his first edition, Bolles has used his trademark “Flower Exercise” to help job hunters to visualize their “ideal job” by identifying transferable skills and personal traits; geographical preferences; fields of interest; “people environments;” personal values, purpose, and goals; preferred working conditions; and desired salary and level of responsibility.  From this new knowledge of oneself and one’s ideal job, a life-changing, successful job search can be realized.

In recent editions of Parachute is Bolles’ Appendix on “Finding Your Mission in Life.”  Bolles asserts that, while we can focus on finding the ideal job, many of us are looking for a deeper completeness in our life, which is a sense of mission for our life.  He identifies our mission here on Earth as having three parts:  (1) to seek to “stand in the conscious presence of God, the One from whom your mission is derived,” (2) to do whatever you can, to make this world a better place, and (3) to use your unique talents where, and for what purpose, God needs you to use this talent in the world. Many career coaches embrace the philosophies and passion of Richard Bolles in their work with clients. 

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