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Sample One Page Profiles

Below you will find links to sample resumes in a variety of formats:

One-Page Profile #1 – Senior Executive in Grocery Industry

This one-page profile was used by a senior executive in the retail grocery industry to illustrate the breadth and depth of his experience across large, Fortune 500 companies and smaller retailers. The one-page profile can serve as a stand-alone introduction for a targeted employer direct mail campaign or recruiter email campaign… or it can be used as a strong first page of a longer executive resume.

One-Page Profile #2 – Senior Executive Seeking to Return to Manufacturing

This one-page profile helped a senior executive to return to a leadership role in manufacturing after several years in commercial banking. The “Value Offered” section clearly illustrates the skills and accomplishments that are critical to succeeding in either industry. The “Career History” at the bottom of page helped bring the earlier manufacturing experience onto Page 1 of the resume. Then, the experience is described in more depth on the following pages.