Our Clients

Our Clients

Our clients include mid- to senior-level executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, and career-minded professionals from privately held and public companies, as well as trade associations, non-profits, military and government agencies, and educational institutions.

Industries We Serve: Financial Services; Food & Beverage; Advertising, Broadcasting, Media And Entertainment; Healthcare; Pharmaceuticals; Technology; Telecommunications; Manufacturing; Retail And Wholesale Distribution; Natural Resources; Utilities, Environmental Services, Legal And Business Services; Transportation, Hospitality, Fashion And Apparel, Real Estate; and Construction

Functional Specialties: General Management, Operations, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing / Supply Chain, Customer Service, Public Relations, Legal, IT / Technology, E-Commerce, R&D, Medical, Engineering, Facilities / Maintenance, Corporate Development, Risk Management, Security, Project Management, Human Resources, and Logistics.

Geographic Regions: We work with global clients from across the US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, South America, Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.

What our Clients are saying:

“I wanted to share my results to date. I have been contacted by three retained executive search firms, having been placed on their ‘A’ list, and have been contacted by a fourth retained firm for a position interview.” – R. Baker

“Beth [Stefani] did an excellent job of providing career development counseling and advice. Her knowledge of the search market provides a real advantage during the search process and when developing long term career development plans.” – D. Workman

“Thanks to your help, I have found a new career. You may remember that you worked with me on a resume and sent it to a list of retained recruiters... this week I signed a contract to become Chief Operating Officer [of a leading manufacturer] in Anaheim, CA. Your help was invaluable.” – S. Carroll

“I had the pleasure of working with Georgia [Whitney] during a career transition. Her resume writing skills, vision, and professional wisdom are stellar.” – T. Wendel

“Georgia [Whitney] was the first person to read an early draft of a book I am authoring and provided excellent suggestions that I have integrated into subsequent drafts. Georgia has a passion for providing writing, editing, and public relations services for healthcare and nonprofit organizations—and she has the compassion to make a difference in people’s lives.” – J. Shenouda

“Melissa [McCann] was a much needed resource for me when my job search was going nowhere. Her way with words is excellent and she was truly a pleasure to work with. Besides producing several remarkable products, Melissa also provided me with support and encouragement when my job search got overwhelming. It's obvious that this work is Melissa's passion.” – C. Stiner

“Melissa [McCann] is a talented resume writer and career coach. Being at my last position for 8 years, I was unsure on where to start with my new job search. Melissa was a great help with the resume and cover letter. She was also extremely positive and great motivation when I did not get an answer to a post or was discouraged. I highly recommend Inspire Careers Inc.” – D. Cunningham

“Melissa [McCann} is an invaluable business resource. I have referred various professionals to her for years and each one (that hired her) was pleased with the ROI. Melissa can update/improve someone's resume, bio, LI profile, etc. very quickly. She also will help guide a comprehensive job search as needed. I will continue to recommend Melissa.” – D. Rausch

“I made contact with Melissa [McCann] recently and I consider her very experienced and knowledgeable in executive career transition coaching and resume writing. – O. Alimole

“Kim [Maras] has a genuine concern for the quality of [client] interactions and experiences. Kim's enthusiasm and positive attitude made it a pleasure… to work with her.” – C. Ross

Thanks [Carolyn Rankin]!! This is great stuff. I truly appreciate your help. I’m already getting some good interest based on the new resume. In fact, one interviewer said I’m going to have to steal this resume format So, nice work there!! – A. Lipton

“Carolyn, thank you for all the hard work you input into my resume. I am completely satisfied with the outcome!” – S. Dean

“These look amazing [Carolyn Rankin]! So much better than the ones that I had previously and this is good timing because I am registering for a career fair on campus soon. Thank you! – A. Malsegna

“After finding Beth [Stefani}, I now have six position specifications I am working through from recruiting firms. Beth rapidly reworked my resume in a joint on line session. It now is better at highlighting my strengths, more clearly stating my progression, and is in a much cleaner format. She sent it to about 650 recruitment firms, and importantly, directly to the inboxes of about 250 industry specific recruiters. Within two weeks, I had the six positions specs, for which I am now working through multiple rounds of interviews. I highly recommend Beth for her resume expertise, in depth knowledge of today's job search processes, and for her light-speed skills at getting things done. She respects your time. She will be first call the next time I want to look for a more challenging job.” - D. McKenrick